CLEVELAND! And BLOOMFIELD!!! Happenin’ right there at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame & Museum, mark your calendars…

Sweet Blues: A film about Mike Bloomfield @Freakoutville


7 thoughts on “CLEVELAND! And BLOOMFIELD!!! Happenin’ right there at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame & Museum, mark your calendars…

  1. Thanks. The attachments were with the original email that didn’t make it (CAN I attach files to these ‘site’ messages? If not, is there an email address I can use, where I can get these & any others to you?)
    You correctly guessed why I wrote, though….I just attached a few CD images and the original old 1964 pic of mine – there are a few shots I managed to get at that time that have gotten around over the years . The one mentioned here is the one on the ‘HIS BEST’ CD and the lovely painting currently on your site at:

    No website yet, sadly – my sons have been gonna remedy this for years!! I’m too ignorant and too idle – I’ve been too busy going to gigs & festivals & just never got round to it. A book of some of my old 60s stuff is currently in the pipeline:

    Kindest regards,


  2. Brian, there are no attachments with your message so I can’t see the CD covers or photos you’re referencing. But my interest is piqued, do you have a website where I could see your work? It sounds as if my graphic may have been based on a photograph you took, but I don’t know which Howlin’ Wolf image you’re commenting on since I’ve done several graphics of him.

  3. Thanks. Email copied below….it also attached a bunch of CD covers using my old Wolf pic!! (Sorry – wrong generation – I don’t do Facebook!!): –

    Sent on 20th Jan, to:

    “Hey, Jude! (Sorry – couldn’t resist!!)

    I was tickled as hell to stumble across your terrific Wolf painting. You’ll gather why, from the attachments and the ‘card’, below…!!

    Can you tell me, please, if you sell prints of this [or if not, could possibly run-off a quick print and sign it for me..??!!] If all else fails, could you please rustle me up a higher-res image of it, that I could print-up myself as, one way or the other, I’d rather like this on my wall……..

    (It hasn’t been used on a CD cover, has it, by any chance? If not, it darn well ought to be!)

    Keep up the good works.

    Kindest regards,


    (Blues & Rhythm, Living Blues & others)

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