“I’ve been in Texas / I’ve been on the run / I’m going to Leland, Mississippi, mama / You all know that’s where / I come from / Right down on the Delta, man…” – Leland Mississippi Blues: Composed by Johnny Winter

John Dawson Winter III

Johnny Winter @Freakoutville


“My doctor put me on / Milk, cream and alcohol, alcohol / My doctor wrote me a prescription / For milk, cream and alcohol / My nerves were so bad / I couldn’t rest / I couldn’t sleep at all at night…” – It Serves Me Right to Suffer: Composed by John Lee Hooker

“King of the Boogie,” John Lee Hooker

John Lee Hooker @Freakoutville

“Sure I know I can borrow a smoke / Or sit here all night long and tell a joke / But after all is said and done / Who’s gonna laugh / Who’s gonna laugh / At a broken, a broken heart? / I’ve been drinkin’ again…” – I’ve Been Drinking: Composed by Doris Tauber / Johnny Mercer

Jeff Beck Group

Jeff Beck Group @Freakoutville

“Well I could’ve had, I could’ve had religion / But the poor girl I love / Wouldn’t let me pray / ‘Cuz my woman / Drove my spirit away / She done drove my spirit away / She done drove my spirit away…” – I Could Have Had Religion: Composer unknown

Junior Wells, born Amos Wells Blakemore Jr.

Junior Wells @Freakoutville

“What would you do if I sang out of tune / Would you stand up and walk out on me? / Lend me your ears and I’ll sing you a song / I will try not to sing out of key…” – With a Little Help from My Friends: Composed by John Lennon / Paul McCartney

John Robert “Joe” Cocker

Joe Cocker @Freakoutville

“Let the world go by / Like the clouds a-streamin’ / To lay me down, one last time / To lay me down… / …To lie beside you / My love still sleeping / To tell sweet lies, one last time / And say goodnight.” – To Lay Me Down: Composed by Jerry Garcia / Robert Hunter / Bill Kreutzmann

Jerome John “Jerry” Garcia

Jerry Garcia @Freakoutville

“Oh, I’ve got no one to have fun with / Since my baby’s love had been done with / All I do is think of you / I sit and cry / Oh, and I and sing the blues / I sit and cry and I and sing the blues” – Sit and Cry (The Blues): Composed by Willie Dixon & Buddy Guy

George “Buddy” Guy

Buddy Guy @FreakoutvilleSpecial thanks to Brian Smith for permission to use his amazing photographs for my source material. Brian can be contacted at: brian_smith_blues_pix@hotmail.com

“Muddy called him his son,” Gravenites says of Bloomfield. “Muddy knew. He didn’t call him his partner or buddy. Believe me, that’s important. It tells you something – that it has nothing to do with show business. It has to do with soul.” – quote by Nick Gravenites: Rolling Stone article by David Fricke, January 23, 2014, “Mike Bloomfield: Rock’s Forgotten Guitar Prodigy”

Michael Bernard “Mike” Bloomfield

Michael Bloomfield @Freakoutville