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  1. Ah, and here comes the awkward reply to the upbeat reply you gave me. :-)
    As you are an artist, I suspect you will understand the impact your Snake Oil Man had on me. Allow me to explain. My novel took three years to write. By the end of that period I was drained, it sucked, and I never wanted to see it again. Then a good friend offered to help me polish it up and we took a year doing that. I’m glad he insisted, I’m pretty proud of it now. But again, I lost interest in any kind of promotion of it. I have toyed with cover ideas for quite some time and just didn’t get excited about anything. Then BAM! Yesterday I came across your work. I got chills, my heart rate increased, and I thought THIS IS IT! The colors you used, the angles, the interpretation – all of these screamed to be the cover of my book. For the first time in a couple of years, I actually was moved to go forward with publishing.

    When I received your response I was not heartbroken. In fact I laughed at the irony and thought, no worries, perhaps we can work something out. It also occurred to me that I had truly forgotten the impact that high quality artwork can make on people. You did that and I thank you for the reminder. (There is so much crap out there!) In fact, there is much more to it than just my book. I have also created 12 games to be developed both digitally and in hardcopy. They range from family fun card games to pure social media.

    What I am getting at is this. Oh wait, there is also this. Back in the 90s I owned a deli/catering company. We played blues. When I saw what you have created I just shook my head. That’s some quality stuff, I thought. Okay, here’s what I’m getting at. Let’s do a test project together. Let’s do some revenue sharing. I have a marketing plan for my first two or three games that I would be happy to share with you. It might just cause you to go, huh, I could use that concept…
    (I have a VERY early alpha release of one game up at Pidangle.com. Don’t judge the game by the look! It’s actually quite fun ;-) You will at least get to see that the games I have made up, have some merit.)

    I have no doubt you get hit up all the time. I’ve done too many projects in my own life to know that quality work gets sought after. But if you’re not yet rich (though money isn’t everything) and would like to give this a try, please don’t hesitate to get a hold of me. If you have a more private email I can use, I will send to you my phone number and skype connection.

    One last thing. I really need a cover for my book. Now that I’ve seen THE artwork I can’t let this rest. I am going to get a hold of Scholastic Magazine but don’t hold much hope to them begging me to use it. Surely there is something you have dying to create that I could use?

    In peace,

  2. Hey Bruce! I’m guessing at your name, but a big clue is that your email address is brucejackman…etc. Thanks for the compliment on my Snake Oil Man art. That illustration was actually commissioned by Scholastic Magazine, and they bought the usage rights from me. I can display it, since it’s my work, but cannot sell or grant permission for use to anyone else. So as much as having an additional left arm around the house would be super handy, I’m sorry to tell you I can’t help you out with this piece of art. Good luck with your book though, I know how difficult it is to make a living in the creative arts and hope you rake in the the big bucks with your writing some day! Sincerely. Jude Kane

  3. I came across your Snake Oil artwork this evening. Beautiful!! I am getting ready to self-publish (e-format) a novel I just finished entitled Snake Oil. I have a left arm I could give you, just not a lot of cash. Ooh, I know, certainly art credit! What else would you like? Seriously, it is exactly what I was looking for. If you need to read the novel to consider my use, let me know.

  4. Thanks for the info; although I don’t agree with you 100%! Certainly, you should be able to “hawk” your “scenics,” which are really nice… (well maybe not “The Birds” monkey bars!) But I wonder about some these old musicians like T-Bone Walker; who’ve been dead and gone for 40 years!
    But on another subject Jude, I like your blog much more than Facebook; How did you start; with a WordPress book from Barnes and Noble? I spent all day yesterday trying to follow the wordpress directions, and ended up with four fouled up blogs…anyway, if you’d be kind enough the recommend a first step, be it a book or website, maybe I could at least get rolling. Secondly; is there a fee which
    sends your blog to the top of the searches? Enough questions for
    I had company turkey day, a big blues fan; and we spent an hour running through your site; so don’t think nobody is enjoying! dan gardiner

  5. Hi Dan!
    You’re right, I have been asked about selling prints (usually on my page on Facebook), however I don’t hold a license to sell any of these celebrity portraits as prints.

    Although I’d love to be able to market prints of these graphics, the celebrity pieces on my sites are strictly, one-off art pieces. They are display-only work for shows and on my Facebook/Wordpress/Flickr galleries. Because of copyright laws, I don’t have permission to sell images of these licensed personalities. For any type of reproductions. And so, sadly, cannot hawk my wares for profit without a world of hurt coming down on me.

    Which is very sad for my bank account. LOL! But thanks for your interest in Freakoutville, I really appreciate your support and the “likes”. Means a lot, truly does.

    Sincerely, Jude Kane

  6. people must have asked, but…do you ever have digital prints made and offer them for sale? Too much of a hassle, perhaps?

  7. Thanks ! Getting back into the art world can be a tough road, because… well, it’s a different world than when you left it. No matter when you left, it changes. Art isn’t the easiest choice of professions, and definitely not the most practical if you want to make money at it. Hopefully, no matter what happens on your journey, it feeds your soul to create. Good luck.

  8. Very interesting ‘about me’ article. My own story followed a similar tangent, just back into artwork after some years of hiatus. I like your ‘Graffik ‘Scapes’ category, especially!

  9. Yes! I saw that on facebook, it was brilliant, loved kitty’s fangs :-) You have some awesome artwork, so I do hope you get more hits on WordPress but glad you’re also on facebook.

  10. Btw, since you’re a true vamp fan I’m assuming you like the scary stuff. Did you see the F-ville kitty in Halloween drag? You have to go back a page or two, to my previous entries… okay, maybe SCARY is the wrong word. Hah!

  11. Ah, I was wondering how you stumbled upon Freakoutville, thanks for letting me know… and the kittycat avatar thanks you. I post a little more on FB than here, mainly because I don’t get a lot of feedback on WordPress. Hope that changes eventually.

  12. I definitely will keep checking in, in case you’re curious, I was scanning wordpress for music related posts, and your Annie Lennox came up and it was your cool cat avatar that was too good to pass up, so I had to click on your post.

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